Station #1A

This was the first Vischer Ferry Fire Company fire station. The Town of Clifton Park deeded over the Town Hall to the fire company to be used as its first fire station in 1947. The Town Hall was located on the north side of Riverview Road near Crescent Road and across from the present Vischer Ferry Fire house Station #1. The building was built by the town of Clifton Park in the late 1920's or early 1930's to serve as a meeting and storage place. It was used as a voting place, and square dances were also held here. This station is used today for storage.

Station # 1

This firehouse is the main station and is located at 360 Riverview Road in the town of Rexford, New York. It was first constructed in 1963. In 1974 a 2 story addition was added on to the rear of the building, expanding the firehall and creating a fireman's recreation room. In 1997, the building was renovated and three new truck bays were created. The buildings architectual design now echos the Greek Revival architecture found within the Vischer Ferry Historic District.

Station #2

This firehouse is located on Grooms Road West of Vischer Ferry Road. The building was constructed in 2007 to meet the expansion needs of the Fire District. The station houses an Engine Tanker, a Brush Truck and a Medical Pickup Truck.

Station #3

This firehouse is located at the intersection of Moe Road and Englemore Road. It was constructed in 1982 to meet the growing demands of the Fire District. The station houses a Rescue Truck and an Engine Tanker. Out in front of the building is a sign used to display Fire and Safety messages to the community.